Archive | September, 2010

deep purple cowboy hat

I love the lacy pattern on this woven hat. It’s not straw, feels more like a sweater; I could not get the color to come out right in photos but it’s a beautiful deep grape-jelly purple. I added a festive silver and glittery purple ribbon and floral spray, both of which could come off if […]

vintage Kangol fur fedora

Honestly? I don’t know if this is real fur but it sure feels like it.  An unbelievably soft hand. Made in Eng-a-land by the excellent Kangol company. The gold filigree adornment is a signed Musi shoe clip from the 1960s, a collector’s dream, if there were two of them. Luckily it works beautifully as a […]

red chenille derby

What a charming hat. Warm and fuzzy red chenille will keep you toasty and the removable black ribbon is accented with a great spray pin: Feathers! CURLY vintage feathers!  Ribbons galore!  A vintage black resin earring! What more could you possibly want? Oh, right.  A way to buy it and make it your go-to cold […]

skyblue sueded fedora

So cute!  Stingy brim fedora with a removable star and snowflake daisy pin. Size:  L (23″  will fit most men. Measure your head at the forehead to make sure it will fit you.  Ladies, you can wear long hair in a bun or twist if your head is too small and that will help it […]

Don’t buy this hat. Seriously.

Don’t buy this hat.  Okay, I suppose you can buy this hat. It would look fabulous on me you.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH though!  It is my favorite color combo, pink and brown, lookit. There is a tag inside that says Miss Bierner; I am guessing this hat is from the fifties or perhaps […]

Leopard faux fur bucket hat

Grr, baby!  This stunning vintage hat is furry and warm, and the wired brim lets you shape it however you’d like. rowr! A removable black velvet rose and feather spray adds a touch of elegance. Fall 2010 is all about the animal prints.  So fabulous! Size: 22″ , a little on the tight side of […]

Black felt toque with spray

A cute and warm vintage felt topper with an attached brown rose spray. Three curled feathers add motion and glamour. See the pretty lace insets in the rose? The tag inside reads “Sandswept.” SORRY THIS PIECE IS SOLD!  

G’day, gorgeous!

This lavender Aussie hat is the cutest ever! Made in Australia, this multi-season sueded hat will literally hold water to cool off on a hot day and keep you warm and dry in the cold! The detachable silver snowflake pin adds a touch of sparkle and fun to this festive chapeau. Size: M. (~23 inches, […]

Apple green fleece toboggan cap

I wish we had Feel-O-Webs because this hat is so soft and fluffy! Microfleece, baby. It will keep you toasty warm and the bright green color will cheer the greyest day. The removable daisy pin brings in a shot of my favorite hot pink to complement your pink cheeks, and check out the cute tassel […]

Saks. Fifth. Avenue. That is all.

Okay, that’s not all. There’s more. A removable fur spray with vintage jewel center. Vintage curly feathers. Dove grey and black and silver. A velvety hand and chic pedigree add up to the most fab porkpie hat I’ve ever seen;  add a dash of Dean Martin, the French Connection and Joni Mitchell for historical accuracy. […]