Archive | November, 2010

Bridal foof FTW

I pulled apart a few of the vintage tiaras I got in the huge pile o dresses and look at all the yummy components that emerged! There are petals made from lace, pearls, nettting; pearl sprays and leaves; crystal flowers and some gorgeous flowers made of lace with pearl stamens; pearl sprays, sequined leaves, and […]

Carol’s Top Hat with Tiara

I hope she likes it! It’s a gorgeous wool (made in USA) Victorian Caroler style (get it, Carol, Caroler! Hee!) top hat with a vintage wedding tiara that I took apart and reworked with feathers, rhinestones and a beautiful pavé crystal butterfly shoe clip from the 1950s. The tiara comes off the hat and can […]

Be vewwy vewwy quiet…

Elmer Fudd would be jealous of this gem.  It’s a fifties-era wool buffalo plaid hunting cap with ear-flaps that fold up or down. Flaps down. Flaps up. Cute, huh? Kind of a cadet cap look. SO warm!  I’ve added a removable wabbit fur pin (sorry bunny!) with a couple of vintage buttons centered. Not sure […]