Archive | August, 2012

Some recent bridal creations

Most of these were for my sister’s big fat classy beach wedding last Labor Day. Wooooo! Emma. SO. CUTE. A close up of her “mermaid princess crown.” She was very specific:  “It must have starfish.” I made these with leftovers for three lovely wedding guests. I KNOW!  GORGEOUS. And the lovely bride herself. She looked […]

Blue Things 1 & 2

Here are two lovely and dramatic fascinators created from woven extruded plastic (sounds creepy but is a really cool material, sort of a space-age crinoline) and various feathers, flowers, etc. Thing 1, on the left, features hand-dyed feathers and ribbons as well as a a flame-like extension that extends above the head about six or seven […]

Black and blue fascinator

A lovely and dramatic blue fascinator made of extruded plastic fabric, securely attached to a headband.  Black antlers, feathers and handmade roses up the feral fabulousness factor and give this piece a slightly menacing elegance. Rahr, baby.  You know you want it. SORRY THIS PIECE IS SOLD!