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Victorian elegance, today’s ease

I have never seen such a lovely specimen of Victorian adornment outside a museum.  I love that it is sitting on a bucket hat! It’s a great combination of history and current fashion. There are handmade berries and ostrich feathers and an Edwardian cufflink. SORRY THIS PIECE IS SOLD!

Bridal foof FTW

I pulled apart a few of the vintage tiaras I got in the huge pile o dresses and look at all the yummy components that emerged! There are petals made from lace, pearls, nettting; pearl sprays and leaves; crystal flowers and some gorgeous flowers made of lace with pearl stamens; pearl sprays, sequined leaves, and […]

Carol’s Top Hat with Tiara

I hope she likes it! It’s a gorgeous wool (made in USA) Victorian Caroler style (get it, Carol, Caroler! Hee!) top hat with a vintage wedding tiara that I took apart and reworked with feathers, rhinestones and a beautiful pavé crystal butterfly shoe clip from the 1950s. The tiara comes off the hat and can […]

Be vewwy vewwy quiet…

Elmer Fudd would be jealous of this gem.  It’s a fifties-era wool buffalo plaid hunting cap with ear-flaps that fold up or down. Flaps down. Flaps up. Cute, huh? Kind of a cadet cap look. SO warm!  I’ve added a removable wabbit fur pin (sorry bunny!) with a couple of vintage buttons centered. Not sure […]

Vintage bridal score!

OMG you guys. Last week I got a tip from a theatre friend about a collection of hundreds of bridesmaids and wedding dresses up for grabs… so I grabbed!  I was hoping for some 50s and 60s goodies but alas, they were mostly 80s gowns complete with big bows, bad color combinations and way too […]

deep purple cowboy hat

I love the lacy pattern on this woven hat. It’s not straw, feels more like a sweater; I could not get the color to come out right in photos but it’s a beautiful deep grape-jelly purple. I added a festive silver and glittery purple ribbon and floral spray, both of which could come off if […]

vintage Kangol fur fedora

Honestly? I don’t know if this is real fur but it sure feels like it.  An unbelievably soft hand. Made in Eng-a-land by the excellent Kangol company. The gold filigree adornment is a signed Musi shoe clip from the 1960s, a collector’s dream, if there were two of them. Luckily it works beautifully as a […]

red chenille derby

What a charming hat. Warm and fuzzy red chenille will keep you toasty and the removable black ribbon is accented with a great spray pin: Feathers! CURLY vintage feathers!  Ribbons galore!  A vintage black resin earring! What more could you possibly want? Oh, right.  A way to buy it and make it your go-to cold […]

skyblue sueded fedora

So cute!  Stingy brim fedora with a removable star and snowflake daisy pin. Size:  L (23″  will fit most men. Measure your head at the forehead to make sure it will fit you.  Ladies, you can wear long hair in a bun or twist if your head is too small and that will help it […]

Don’t buy this hat. Seriously.

Don’t buy this hat.  Okay, I suppose you can buy this hat. It would look fabulous on me you.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH though!  It is my favorite color combo, pink and brown, lookit. There is a tag inside that says Miss Bierner; I am guessing this hat is from the fifties or perhaps […]