I pulled apart a few of the vintage tiaras I got in the huge pile o dresses and look at all the yummy components that emerged!

There are petals made from lace, pearls, nettting; pearl sprays and leaves; crystal flowers and some gorgeous flowers made of lace with pearl stamens; pearl sprays, sequined leaves, and o my goodness I can’t even begin to tell you how many other gorgeous things!  Look:

And that’s just a few of the lovely bitsies.

That glorious pile is just a fraction of the other tiaras and headpieces that remain to be deconstructed:


THEN, the best part….hanging out on the Twitters, some folks  (@ParisPink3 @ChampagneDiet @LilyOfOpulence) were discussing vintage glam bouquets with pearls and feathers…..*poof*

That sound you just heard? Yeah, my brain exploding with brilliant ideas for bouquets and such.  *swoons with joy*

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  1. Tori Deaux on the November 24, 2010 remarked #

    Ohh OH! Vintage bouquets? How AWESOME is that.

    My head just exploded in empathy for your inspirational burst.