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Copyblog this!

  Here it is! It is not for sale unless you make me an offer I can’t refuse. Or two thousand dollars, which is what those guys said I should get for it….oh wait.

More bridal creations

A fun photo shoot with friends and a recent fashion show produced the following shots. I’m lucky to have such gorgeous friends!     Photos by Laila Alamiri, Every year the Asheville Community Theatre has a fashion show to raise funds.  This year the categories were Nature and Light. Here are some lovely photos […]

Some recent bridal creations

Most of these were for my sister’s big fat classy beach wedding last Labor Day. Wooooo! Emma. SO. CUTE. A close up of her “mermaid princess crown.” She was very specific:  “It must have starfish.” I made these with leftovers for three lovely wedding guests. I KNOW!  GORGEOUS. And the lovely bride herself. She looked […]

Bridal foof FTW

I pulled apart a few of the vintage tiaras I got in the huge pile o dresses and look at all the yummy components that emerged! There are petals made from lace, pearls, nettting; pearl sprays and leaves; crystal flowers and some gorgeous flowers made of lace with pearl stamens; pearl sprays, sequined leaves, and […]

Vintage bridal score!

OMG you guys. Last week I got a tip from a theatre friend about a collection of hundreds of bridesmaids and wedding dresses up for grabs… so I grabbed!  I was hoping for some 50s and 60s goodies but alas, they were mostly 80s gowns complete with big bows, bad color combinations and way too […]

Vintage hat score!

So excited!  Just bought 26 (26!) vintage chapeaux to make over and deconstruct for fall and winter goodness! I had a blast at Otra Vez (a local vintage shop) digging through the extensive collection of amusing, chic and unusual hats from as early as the late 1800s (Edwardian era) and came home with a huge […]

Grand Opening!

Click on a photo above to see a larger version. Here are a few examples of my current chapeaux. I have dozens more, in varying styles and colors.   Most ribbons and floral sprays are interchangeable (meaning you can wear the hat plain or gussied up, your choice), and every hat has a vintage component […]