Got Q?s? I’ve got A!s.

  • Do you make the chapeaux yourself, Simone?

Well…..sometimes.  Mostly I rescue vintage hats and alter or adorn them to reflect today’s styles.  I do make the fascinators myself though, and often incorporate vintage findings, feathers or gems.


  • What is a “fascinator” for Lord’s sake?

Check out this link.  Also be sure to look at the article on Kate Middleton, the new patron saint of fascinators!


  • Hey Simone, why is there sometimes an X on the end of chapeaux and sometimes not? Is it a hat or a chapeau? I’m really confused.

The “X” on the end of  chapeau makes it plural:  one chapeau, two chapeaux. 


  • How come your hats are so much less expensive than other hats?  Are they not as good, or something?

Because I find vintage hats at auctions and estate sales, I am able to charge less than a milliner who blocks and forms hats “from scratch.”  My specialty is making a hat your grandmother might have worn into something chic and flattering for today.


  • I look stupid in hats. I know it’s not a question, but there it is.

No, you don’t. You just haven’t found the right style of hat.  Keep trying them on and you’ll find one soon that flatters you and feels comfortable. Pay attention to the proportions of the hat (brim size, height of crown, etc.) for a clue to what will work with your face and body shape and what won’t.  More on this to come…


  • Simone, tell me about the different styles of hats.

Coming soon….

  • What the heck is a milliner?  Some kind of dessert? Mighty big word for such a small mouth, Simone.

A milliner….mmm dessert…..Whoops, sorry. I’m back.  Some will argue that a milliner and a modiste are two different animals. I’d tend to agree and say that I am a bit more of  the latter: “a maker of fashionable clothing and accessories, with the implication that the articles made reflect the current (Parisian) fashions.”


Questions that will be answered soon…

  • Where should I wear my chapeau, Simone?
  • Simone, how should I take care of/store my hat?
  • Simone discusses hat-wearing etiquette for these challenging times