OMG you guys. Last week I got a tip from a theatre friend about a collection of hundreds of bridesmaids and wedding dresses up for grabs… so I grabbed!  I was hoping for some 50s and 60s goodies but alas, they were mostly 80s gowns complete with big bows, bad color combinations and way too much foofy foo.

But here’s the good news:  along with 300 or so fugly dresses, I got a dozen wedding gowns with lots of beading AND a huge pile of bridal chapeaux, headpieces, tiaras and such! They seemed to be of an earlier vintage as well so I was REALLY happy. Here’s some photos.

This is the first stash I discovered (in the DOZENS of contractor bags FULL of dresses, so heavy I could not lift them!)

Here’s the second stash. TONS of goodies here!  Hundreds of veils and some really really unattractive hats but lots of potential.

Wanna see the whole pile ‘o dresses? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

There’s a pool table under there somewhere. That pile is post-sorting; I pulled all the black and white dresses:

and all the really really really really ugly ones:

Here’s the wedding gowns:

Kind of overwhelming, yes? Yes.  So I put an ad on Freecycle and started giving them away!  I also sold some and gave a lot to little girls at the Farmer’s Market the week before Halloween:

You can imagine how thrilled they were!

So cute!

I felt like a Very Good Witch that day.

More later about the eventual fate of the pretties and the hundreds of bows I cut off….WOOT!

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